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Quentin Stas de Richelle 25 - Founder

Welk probleem los je op?

The businesses environment is filled with intense competition in some sectors such as hotels or consultancy firms. Standing out and differentiating themselves from the other players is thus crucial.

Welk product of dienst bied je aan?

oneFrame is an online platform supported by a unique high-end qualitative database of digitized art pieces. The software paired to this platform allows exposing art in a digital way on displays.

Wat is uniek aan jouw product of dienst?

A new way of exposing art and it provides an alternative exposure channel to artists to share their work, which is crucial for their prominence buildup while ensuring an additional revenue stream.

Wanneer wil je starten?

Ongoing startup

Wat zijn je skills?

Analytical & management skills

Wat is je grootste drempel?

Achieving funding & to go to market: - A decent fully functional prototype with all the features we desire to be able to offer the vision we try to achieve - Create a professional brand image

Wat motiveert je?

We are convinced about the place of art in the digital era and oneFrame enables the possibility of sharing cultural values without the barriers of price, knowledge, and physical commitment.

...Empowering Art and Artists


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