Vegefied is the world's first vegetarian friendly restaurant finder.


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Sneha Mehta 31 - Founder, CEO Vegefied

Welk probleem los je op?

There is no restaurant discovery platform for vegetarians across the globe. Large food discovery platforms fail to provide good recommendations and reviews from a vegetarian's perspective.

Welk product of dienst bied je aan?

We offer a website (search engine and blog) that covers exciting discoveries from 250+ cities in the world.

Wat is uniek aan jouw product of dienst?

Vegetarianism/ plant based diets are going to boom in the coming decade and nothing on the internet is catering information to this 375 million person niche!

Wanneer wil je starten?

We launched our website summer 2018 and aim to launch an app by summer 2019.

Wat zijn je skills?

I'm a scientist so I plan and execute strategies like experiments. I also focus heavily on creating scalable processes and team motivation and training.

Wat is je grootste drempel?

A huge challenge is that we are B2B (restaurants) and B2C (vegetarians) in very different geographies. Our global presence means, we haven't been able to focus on creating local momentum to grow.

Wat motiveert je?

We started as a passion project on Facebook but the organic growth of our community to 8,000 members and constant push from them to create a more user friendly platform, was a huge proof of concept.

Vegefied is the world's first vegetarian friendly restaurant finder.


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